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Day 4 featured image

Structures Five and Thirty-Two…

Our understanding of Structures Five and Thirty-Two in Trench J advanced considerably during the 2021 excavation season. As a result, we’ve updated the Structure Five page and added a new… Read more
Structure Thirty featured image

Structure Thirty

The large curving wall face belonging to Structure Thirty protrudes from the edge of Trench P to the south-east of Structure Twelve. There is not much that can be said… Read more
Structure Sixteen (ORCA)

Structure Sixteen

The heavily truncated remains of Structure Sixteen sit directly to the south of Structure Fourteen in Trench P. Measuring approximately five metres by three metres, and aligned northwest-southeast, it seems… Read more
Structures Thirty-Six and Twenty Featured Image

Structures Thirty-Six and Twenty

The third part of a series looking at the lesser-known buildings at the Ness of Brodgar excavation site. Structure Thirty-Six When Structure Fourteen was constructed in the northern corner of… Read more