Ness of Brodgar Information Panels

Ness of Brodgar interpretation panelsEach excavation season we have a series of information boards placed across the site for the benefit of the thousands of visitors we welcome each year.

Unfortunately, this year we wont be on site, but are making the updated 2020 panels available for download.

Could we stress that these are for personal use only and if you are downloading, a donation to dig funds will help us get the boards back on site again in 2021, ready to welcome you all back.

To download, simply select the panel you are interested in from the list below.

Panel 1: Welcome to the Ness of Brodgar

Panel 2: The beating heart of Neolithic Orkney

Trench P

Trench J

Ness of Brodgar Trench T

Ness of Brodgar Structure 1

Ness of Brodgar Structure Eight

Ness of Brodgar Structure Ten

Ness of Brodgar Structure 12

Ness of Brodgar Structure 14Ness of Brodgar - Neolithic Art