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Dig Diary – All hands on deck for pre-photography cleaning sessions

Day Twenty-Eight Wednesday, August 10, 2022 For all those fed-up with Ness weather reports - look away now! For all ...
Scott Pike

Dig Diary Extra – Bird’s-eye view of Structure Twenty-Seven

Video and photographs from Professor Scott Pike, showing Structure Twenty-Seven in all its glory yesterday ...
Footage: Scott Pike

Dig Diary Extra – Drone footage from Trench T

Two videos from Professor Scott Pike, of Willamette University, Oregon, USA, showing a drone ascent from Structure Twenty-Seven in Trench ...
Ness of Brodgar Structure Ten featured image

Video: Connections across Britain and Ireland during the age of Stonehenge

Ness of Brodgar excavation director Nick Card was a speaker in a British Museum talk last week on links between ...
A heat-affected chunk of red sandstone found in Structure Ten. This was located beside the 'painted' orthostat mentioned yesterday and may have been used to create the red pigment. (Sigurd Towrie)

Video – ‘Why Rocks?’

Today’s Orkney International Science Festival talk by Dr Martha Johnson, highlighting the Ness of Brodgar rocks that don’t fit the ...
Three of the five polished stone axes found on site this summer. See them, and more, at Sunday's Open Day.

Video – ‘The Ness in Rock and Stone’

Today's Orkney International Science Festival talk featuring Ness of Brodgar site director Nick Card, Ann Clark and Dr Antonia Thomas ...
(Sigurd Towrie)

Dig Diary Extra: Dr Jo McKenzie successfully recovers first timber sample

A video of Jo recovering the first of two Neolithic timber samples from the interior of Structure Twelve today. Apologies ...

Dig Diary extra: the Ness of Brodgar’s seaweed-eating sheep and the European context

The recording of last Friday's UHI Archaeology Institute research seminar, looking at the analysis of sheep and deer teeth from ...

Structure Twenty-Seven: A video introduction

A new video introducing the enigmatic Structure Twenty-Seven at the bottom of Trench T ...
Current Archaeology Live Talk

Ness of Brodgar at Current Archaeology Live!

Ness of Brodgar site director Nick Card is one of the speakers at this weekend’s Current Archaeology Live! conference and ...

The Ness dig – a video introduction

New to the Ness of Brodgar? Wondering what the excavation is all about? Here's our new seven-minute video summary of ...
Rhind Lectures 2020: Number 6

Rhind Lectures 2020: Number 6

All change around 2500/2400 BC? End of the ‘Scottish Neolithic’ and the future of Neolithic studies The last of this ...
Rhind Lecture 2020 Number 5

Rhind Lectures 2020: Number 5

‘Not just a load of old balls’: Late Neolithic developments and the creation of a new world order In this ...
Rhind Lectures - No 3.

Rhind Lectures 2020: Number 3

An everyday story of country folk? In this year’s Society of Antiquaries of Scotland’s annual Rhind lectures, Dr Alison Sheridan ...
Rhind Lectures 2020: 2

Rhind Lectures 2020: Number 2

The Big Picture and Regional Narratives In this year’s Society of Antiquaries of Scotland’s annual Rhind lectures, Dr Alison Sheridan ...
Rhind Lecture Number 1

Rhind Lectures 2020: Number 1

Neolithic Scotland: Changing Perceptions, New Approaches, Plethora of Data, and Contested Narratives In this year's Society of Antiquaries of Scotland’s ...
Nick Card and Anne Mitchell

Video: Book launch event and talk

After months of hard work, the Ness of Brodgar interim monograph was launched at a special, socially distanced, event in ...
Carved Stone Ball lecture - featured image

Video: ‘Neolithic Carved Stone Balls in context’

Dr Hugo Anderson-Whymark, curator of prehistory (Palaeolithic to Neolithic) at the National Museums of Scotland, and Mark Hall, history officer ...

Looking forward to our new book

Nick and Anne introduce our forthcoming interim monograph, The Ness of Brodgar: As it Stands. Due for release on November ...
The Structure Ten carved stone ball in situ. (ORCA)

Carved Stone Balls – experimental archaeology workshop with Chris Gee

Chris Gee, of the University of the Highlands and Islands Archaeology Institute, discusses the creation of Neolithic carved stone balls ...
Stories in Stones - Professor Mark Edmonds

Stories in Stones – 2020 Orkney Science Festival Talk

In this talk for the 2020 Orkney Science Festival, Professor Mark Edmonds considers some of the stone artefacts from the ...

The Science of the Ness – 2020 Orkney Science Festival talk

In this talk for the 2020 Orkney Science Festival, site director Nick Card outlines the scientific techniques involved in excavation ...
Spatulate Stone Tools at the Ness of Brodgar

Stone spatulate tools from the Ness of Brodgar – research presentation

The spatulate stone tools found at the Ness over the past few years were the subject of a research project ...

Woodlands under the waves…

A talk by Dr Scott Timpany of the Archaeology Institute UHI on prehistoric woodlands preserved within intertidal peats around the ...
Cuween Hill Chambered Cairn (Sigurd Towrie)

The trouble with Cuween: human remains from Neolithic Orkney

Do we have evidence of ritualised violence at Cuween? A video lecture from Dr Rebecca Crozier, well-known in Orkney for ...
Orkney - The Ness of Brodgar

‘Orkney – The Ness of Brodgar’ – website premiere of 2016 film

A beautiful short film produced by Evan Cobb and Aaron Phillips, from the University of Missouri, during their time at ...

Diary extra – Around the Ring of Brodgar

It's a beautiful day in the West Mainland of Orkney. One of those very rare summer days when there's hardly ...
Ness carved stone ball

Dig director Nick on Neolithic carved stone balls

With replicas of the carved stone bone from Structure Ten going on sale online today, Ness of Brodgar excavation director ...