Our Supporters

Arnie and Ola Tait were presented with a bottle of champagne by excavation director Nick Card, of ORCA.

The excavations at the Ness of Brodgar would not be possible without support of the past and present landowners Arnie and Ola Tait, and Carol and the late John Hoey.

The dig could not have even started without their help and encouragement, and we much appreciate everything they’ve all done for the Ness over the years.

We would also like to thank the small army of volunteers from all over the world who have given of their time & energy – we could not run the Ness without them.

A big thank-you to YOU the public for your generous on site donations – this is an important part of our fundraising effort every year.

Many companies large & small, local, national & international have helped fund the excavation over the years and we would like to thank them all!

Some of our sponsors can now be found on our Corporate Sponsorship page, but our past and present supporters include (in alphabetical order):