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An image of the latest Ness of Brodgar fingerprints captured using Reflectance Transformation Imaging. (Jan Blatchford)

Latest prehistoric fingerprints from the Ness belonged to 13-year-old boy

The latest prehistoric fingerprints on a pottery fragment from the Ness of Brodgar belonged to a 13-year-old boy. Previous 5,000-year-old prints from the Neolithic complex in Orkney were identified as belonging to both adolescent and adult males and the two new examples may be another indication of young potters being taught by more experienced individuals.… Continue reading
(Sigurd Towrie)

A puzzling piece of pottery!

Dig Diary – Day Twenty-Eight Wednesday, August 4, 2021 Today has been busy, with sultry weather and, as close of play draws near, some dramatic thunder and lightning However, work goes on and in the finds hut Anne is preparing to pack the very large pot which was found outside the blocked north-western entrance of Structure Twelve.… Continue reading

Introducing ceramics 8 – the dimpled-base experiments

By Roy Towers Ceramics research at the UHI Archaeological Institute is not always about the Ness of Brodgar assemblage. Through ORCA (Orkney Research Centre for Archaeology) we also do commercial archaeology work across Scotland and in all time periods, including the Iron Age, which is today’s subject.… Continue reading

Introducing ceramics 6 – sticking cordons

By Roy Towers We suggested in an earlier part of this mini-series on ceramics that the goal of archaeological endeavour was to understand better the complex, talented peoples of the Neolithic and to unravel what they did and, if possible, how and why they did it.… Continue reading