LEADER Funding

Ness visitors. Scott Pike

Ness of Brodgar development project

In 2016/17, the Ness of Brodgar Trust was successful in securing the first phase of grant funding from the Orkney Leader programme, followed by a second phase in 2018/2019, both of which were used to: 

  • Develop the Ness of Brodgar both in terms of its academic profile and its long term, sustainable tourist draw to Orkney.
  • Enhance the visitor experience of the Ness of Brodgar by providing increased information on the site through information panels and new guidebook and exploring the potential of other experiential routes such as a visitor centre, 3D models, interactive screens and improved on site artefact displays.
  • Begin to explore ways of preserving and presenting the site in the long term and throughout the tourism off-season.
  • Enhance and further develop the site’s virtual presence.
  • Improve accessibility to the site, both physically and by virtual means.
  • Produce a full interim monograph.
  • Develop cross sectoral partnerships e.g. Orkney’s tourism, art, and craft sectors to meet the demands of the modern tourism market.
  • Direct the excavations and post-excavation activity of the Ness of Brodgar.
  • Develop quality and wide-ranging academic collaborations and output.
  • Provide overall project management for the work of developing and sustaining the Ness.
  • Find long-term and sustainable funding for the work at the Ness and a dedicated team to make that work happen at a world-class standard to match its world-class archaeology.


LEADER (Liaison Entre Actions de Developement de l’Economie Rurale – links between actions for the development of the rural economy) formed part of the Scotland Rural Development Programme, which funded economic, environmental and social measures for the benefit of rural Scotland.

LEADER is a bottom-up method of delivering support for rural development, aimed at increasing the capacity of the local rural community and business networks by building knowledge and skills, encouraging innovation and cooperation, and attempting to achieve local development objectives.

Funded by the European Union and Scottish Government, the 2014 – 2020 LEADER Programme was delivered in Scotland by 21 Local Action Groups (LAGs) implementing Local Development Strategies for their area.