Structure Twenty-Six

Structure Twenty-Six in 2019. (ORCA)

The excavation of Structure Twenty-Six began in August 2016, when Trench P was extended to investigate an area of walling revealed in a sondage over the south-western part of the paved passageway around Structure Ten.

Excavation under way in Structure Twenty-Six in 2018. (Jo Bourne)

Excavation under way in Structure Twenty-Six in 2018. (Jo Bourne)

The walling formed part of a sub-circular building now known as Structure Twenty-Six, situated between Structures Ten, Twelve and Thirty.

Measuring around 6.5m by 4.5m, it is one of a group of smaller structures built late in the history of the site and features a single south-eastern entrance and a single hearth, flanked by a large orthostat, decorated on both sides, that formed the side of an internal recess.

During excavation, Structure Twenty-Six was found to incorporate a remarkable quantity of highly dressed and decorated stone. This, together with geologically recognisable stone previously encountered in Structure Twelve, suggests Structure Twenty-Six was constructed from material robbed from both Structures Ten and Twelve.