Structure Twelve

Structure Twelve

Featuring exquisite carved and dressed stone in its construction, Structure Twelve must have been a stunning sight in its heyday.

Unfortunately, this did not last long because, despite the effort put into its aesthetic design, it was built on shaky foundations, which required major work to remedy.

The building had three sets of stone piers and two hearths, with standing stones flanking its eastern entrance.

An annexe was added to the building in later life, but this construction project was particularly shoddy. With badly joined walls and uneven piers, this section was particularly susceptible to subsidence.

The building was found to contain a number of used stone tools, implying it was used for work of some kind. It was also filled, and surrounded, by the crushed and broken remains of huge pots, including a style of Grooved Ware not encountered before.

The later annexe was also filled with pottery, much of it coloured.

Structure Twelve’s tiled roof collapsed around 2800BC.