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A heat-affected chunk of red sandstone found in Structure Ten. This was located beside the 'painted' orthostat mentioned yesterday and may have been used to create the red pigment. (Sigurd Towrie)

Video – ‘Why Rocks?’

Orkney International Science Festival talk by Dr Martha Johnson, highlighting the Ness of Brodgar rocks that don’t fit the local geology, and showing clues to their origins. Read more

Geology matters 3 – working stone

By Dr Martha Johnson Camptonite adze recovered from Trench J in 2018. (📷 Sigurd Towrie) Certain rocks have always been collected on archaeological sites – stone tools and implements that… Read more

Geology matters 2 – Orkney rocks!

By Dr Martha Johnson The geology of Orkney. (📷 British Geological Survey) The majority of Orkney’s rocks are sedimentary, specifically clastic sedimentary rocks.  These are formed from the compression of… Read more
Ness of Brodgar Polished Stone Artefacts

Geology matters 1 – why rock?

By Dr Martha Johnson A small selection of polished stone artefacts found at the Ness of Brodgar. (📷 Hugo Anderson-Whymark) Archaeology concerns itself with the study of past people and… Read more