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Wideford Hill timber structures

The Wideford Hill settlement

The Wideford Hill settlement, in use from c3600-2900BC, lies at the north-western foot of the hill, south-west of Crossiecrown and east of the Stonehall settlement. Its discovery and excavation in 2002-2003 revealed a missing chapter from the biography of Neolithic Orkney – timber houses. Read more
Crossiecrown Bronze Age Phase

The Crossiecrown settlement – part two

Parallels with Barnhouse and the Ness of Brodgar hint that the Crossiecrown “double-house” was more than a dwelling. The quality of the internal stonework, the deposited artefacts and the fact the Red House had been “decorated” suggests we have another example of a “big house” – a structure with “enhanced ancestral significance and status”. Read more
Skara Brae – the houses

Skara Brae – the houses

Plan of Skara Brae with the position of Clarke’s two excavation trenches in 1972-1973 marked.(Clarke, D.V. 1976. The Neolithic Village of Skara Brae, Orkney: 1972–1973 Excavations. An interim report. HMSO:… Read more
Skara Brae (Jim Richardson)

Skara Brae

Hailed the best-preserved Neolithic village in northern Europe, Skara Brae stands on the southern shore of the Bay of Skaill, in Orkney’s West Mainland. Read more
Barnhouse Settlement - House 2

Barnhouse – House Two

For three centuries the Barnhouse settlement was dominated by a structure unlike any of the others in the village. Labelled House Two, it was also unique among Neolithic buildings in Orkney until the Ness of Brodgar complex appeared on the scene in 2003. Read more