Two new Ness-inspired bowls for sale – SOLD

Both pieces have now been sold – thank you for your support

Two new unique pieces by woodturner Michael Sinclair are now available to buy.

Unstan Ware-inspired sycamore bowl.

Unstan Ware-inspired sycamore bowl.

The Ness benefits from their sale and we are very pleased to work with so fine a craftsman and wood-magician as Michael.

The little two-coloured bowl is turned from Orkney sycamore, its shape inspired by Unstan Ware Early Neolithic pottery.

The decoration is by pyrography around the asymmetric rim, and the red of the lower area is coloured using haematite. The piece is approximately 85mm high by 140mm diameter.

To purchase, or view more images, click here. SOLD

Olive ash bowl.

The second bowl (145mm high, 200mm diameter) is of olive ash.

The wonder of this piece is Michael’s decoration of its uppermost area with fine lines, echoing the incredible ephemeral artwork we find at the Ness.

When we work, we tilt and twist stones extracted from the site, to catch any hint of the fine lines incised on them. Antonia Thomas’s work on these markings inspired Michael and this bowl needs to be tilted and twisted around to see the magic he has created.

To purchase, or view more images, click here. SOLD

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