The Ness of Brodgar: Time and Place


Softback. 65 pages.

“An absorbing read and an invaluable introduction to the site…”
Current Archaeology magazine

Our new revised and expanded guidebook. Click here to read the Current Archaeology review.



Our new revised and expanded guidebook – The Ness of Brodgar: Time and Place.

This is the third edition in a very popular series and replaces the 2017 guidebook, The Ness of Brodgar: Digging Deeper.

It brings the story of the excavations up to date, to the beginning of 2023 and, as with the previous editions, sets the scene from the beginning.

Written by the archaeologists of the Ness – and with a foreword by director of excavations Nick Card – the book sets the site in a global context and explains the events leading to the discovery of the Ness of Brodgar complex.

It describes what the excavations have uncovered so far and looks at the incredible buildings and some of the more extraordinary finds in detail.

Every penny from the sale of the 65-page book goes towards the Ness excavations and research.