Ness shopping opportunities! 

New woodturned items

The three new pieces from Orkney woodturner Michael Sinclair.

Jeanne Bouza Rose

Structure Eight Entrance. Original oil painting by Jeanne Bouza Rose.

We love this dramatic picture (right) of the entrance to Structure Eight, painted on site by artist-in-residence Jeanne Rose and three stunning new pieces by woodturner Michael Sinclair. Not to mention our new guidebook – all unique to the Ness and sold to raise funds for the project.

Buy something special and, at the same time, do something special and allow us to continue work at the Ness.

The guidebook is a major update on work at the Ness, containing wonderful new images, great writing and loads of new information. All in all it’s a must-have for Nessophiles!

We love our collaborations with Orkney artists and craftspeople and work also with Ola Gorie, Sam Gray, Robin Palmer and Orkney Tweed and are planning more for later in 2023  – watch this space!

Sample page spread from the 2023 Ness guidebook.

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