‘The Ness of Brodgar: As it Stands’ – back in stock

The Ness of Brodgar: As it Stands CoverAfter selling the last copy of The Ness of Brodgar: As it Stands in August, we’re delighted to confirm that our third print run has arrived and the book is back in stock.

The book, which was launched on November 18, 2020, has been in such demand that first two print runs completely sold out.

Excavation at the Ness of Brodgar Neolithic complex began in 2005 and our interim monograph book pulls together all the information gathered to date to produce a detailed account of what we now know about this incredible site. Click here to view the contents.

The book is the third volume in the UHI Archaeology Institute’s research series and edited by Nick Card, Mark Edmonds and Anne Mitchell.

We’ve had some glowing reviews, some of which are available here:

Anyone placing an order via our online shop will have their copy sent out as soon as we take delivery of the new books. Proceeds from each sale go directly to the Ness of Brodgar excavation funds.

A preview of some of the pages is shown below:

Extract 1

Extract 2 Extract 3 Extract 4

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