Focus on finds – bone pin

A strange worked bone, probably the shaft of a polished pin, was found in Structure Eight on July 22, 2019. We say strange because the artefact is very dark in colour and may have been treated with some substance. Alternatively, this may simply be the result of post-depositional processes or …

Focus on finds – arrowhead

On July 9, 2019, the tip of a broken flint arrowhead was recovered in the area between Structures Twelve and Twenty-Six. The arrowhead was bi-facially flaked and most intriguing. Because of the break we cannot say for certain what sort of arrowhead is represented, but the discovery point was high …

Hit by the weather again!

After a day basking in glorious sunshine, Orkney’s weather does what it does best – change! Gales, rain and thunder saw excavation work cancelled this morning.

It’s forecast to improve in the afternoon, so hopefully we’ll get back on site and trowelling at some point today.