Video – Trench P in 2008

Looking back it’s incredible to see the changes in the site over the past 12 years!

This short video – it was a test, hence the terrible quality – shows work under way in Trench P in July 2008.

Video – Ness flyaround: July 2019

Harking back to the balmy summer days of July 2019. A drone flyaround of the site, with excavation in full swing. (Scott Pike)

Hit by the weather again!

After a day basking in glorious sunshine, Orkney’s weather does what it does best – change! Gales, rain and thunder saw excavation work cancelled this morning.

It’s forecast to improve in the afternoon, so hopefully we’ll get back on site and trowelling at some point today.

Video – Sunshine over Trench J

After a week of wet and windy weather, great progress was made in Trench J, and across the entire site, under bright sunshine today.

Video – Digging cancelled due to weather

Day Four of the 2019 season. The weather hasn’t been kind to us at all so far this year, but was so bad today that all digging operations had to be cancelled.

Video – Uncovering Trench P

Day Two of the 2019 excavation season and work continues removing the protective covers from the Neolithic structures in Trench P.

1964 Tour of Skara Brae


A splendid video from BBC Archives, featuring Cathal O’Shannon touring the Neolithic settlement of Skara Brae.

The Summer Wind – Ness excavation 2013

The 2018 excavation season was blessed with nearly two months of uninterrupted sunshine and fair weather.

How easy it is to forget how bad conditions can be on site – as this video, by Joanne Bourne, from 2013 shows…