Where it all began . . .

Trawling though my photograph archive (while looking for something entirely different) I came across the original pictures, from April 8, 2003, of the discovery on the Ness that started it all! So here they are – considerably larger than they’ve been used before.

large, notched stone slab had been ploughed up and was originally thought to be part of a Bronze Age Burial cist.

Because there was the possibility that human remains had been disturbed, a rescue excavation was undertaken by Beverley Ballin-Smith and Gert Petersen, from the Glasgow University Research Division.

Their trench, however, revealed the south-western corner of what we know as Structure One.

Dig Diary – Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Day Twenty-Two ‘I bet that’s a standing stone’ Let’s wind back to the beginning of this year’s dig, when site director, Nick, and Structure Twelve supervisor, Jim, were standing musing over that particularly lovely structure. They were engaged in characteristic behaviour for field archaeologists, i.e. standing and pointing at stone …