View all of Trench P in glorious 3d


Not all of Trench P has been opened this year, with Structures Twelve and Fourteen remaining under their protective covers.

A number of visitors to the site have asked about these buildings, so here is a 3d model from 2019, the last full season of excavation on site.

For a few days in August 2019, towards the end of the excavation, Trench P was the subject of a major clean-up operation.

It was all hands on deck, with over 60 diggers diverted to the trench ahead of a massive photography session and the creation of the first 3d model of the entire trench since 2016.

It was worth the effort and the 3d model can be viewed in all its glory above (it’s a very big model so be patient while it loads).

If you’ve ever wondered what it would be like to spend a day inside Structure Twelve or walk along the pathway to the rear of Structure Ten, this is truly the next best thing.

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