Woodland and timber in Neolithic Orkney – post updated and expanded

Binscarth Woods, Firth, Orkney.  (📷 Sigurd Towrie)
Binscarth Woods, Firth, Orkney. (📷 Sigurd Towrie)

It’s been a busy few weeks at Ness HQ, and with less than six weeks till we’re back on site, the planned new website posts are still in the draft stage.

However, it’s given me the chance to dig deeper into some previous topics and update/expand on them.

We start today with that old chestnut – the availability and use of timber in Neolithic Orkney. Particularly the fact that documented accounts “submerged forests” seem to have been completely dismissed in the early 20th century, leading to the tenacious “there was no wood, so people had to build in stone” narrative that persists today.

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