German translations of information panels and guidebook text

Christa and Peter, who have translated.

On April 23, 2020, we appealed for financial help to allow the Ness to continue. That appeal stands.

We received donations, for which we are eternally grateful, and also a surprise offer of help from Christa and Peter in Germany.

Members of the Bremen Society for Ancient History, Christa and Peter are retired teachers and travellers to Neolithic sites across Europe and the Near East.

They had visited Orkney on several occasions and follow the Ness website and subscribe to our newsletters, and finally, were able to visit the Ness in the summer of 2018. Their first visit included a tour by Nick and it and a second visit, which, in their words, ‘’left us very impressed.’’

Christa and Peter’s offer of help was to translate our information boards, which guide visitors around the site, and our guidebook into German. We were absolutely delighted. We have always wanted to offer the Ness in languages other than English but having full-scale translations made is expensive. Until now we have had synopsis done by volunteers, which have been very helpful, but never such a big piece of work.

Vielen Dank, Christa und Peter!

So, now we can offer downloadable information boards in German and in English.

In addition, if you have previously bought our guidebook, or are planning to, the German text to go along with it is available here.

And, if this inspires speakers of other languages in a winter project, please get in touch.

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