Incised stone from Structure Twelve’s eastern entrance

Working around the entrance to Structure Twelve there is a key rule…

… all stone removed from the area must be washed and checked for incised marks. And it’s a good rule, as this small stone attests.

Click the image for larger version. (Sigurd Towrie)

The stone, measuring 18cm long, was among the rubble removed from a blocking deposit outside the entrance this morning.

Upon washing it was clear it was intricately incscribed with a number of motifs. Needless to say it was so lightly marked that it proved to be a nightmare to capture on camera. At least in a single shot….

So here are the two main areas:

Triangular row – very similar to an example from Structure Ten but which was extremely large and heavily carved into the stone’s face.

A fine example of the chevron motif. (Sigurd Towrie)

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