From the Art Hut – ‘Marks of Reverence’

Neolithic pecked motifs on the inner face of Structure Twelve's blocked southern wall. (📷 Sigurd Towrie)

Neolithic pecked motifs on the inner face of Structure Twelve’s blocked southern wall. (📷 Sigurd Towrie)

I’m Diane Eagles an art psychotherapist and artist.

I’m now in my final year of the online MA Contemporary Art and Archaeology course at the UHI Archaeology Institute, which I’m doing part time to fit around my work.  This is my third artist residency at the dig, with two virtual residencies on Instagram.

During the two weeks I was at the dig, I was investigating the mark-making on and around the site, with my own mark-making echoing pecks and incised lines. 

The archaeologists were all very helpful in allowing me into trenches and explaining their work in order for me to think about ways to photographically capture the site with minimal impact, only using the location, natural materials such as clay, charcoal and pigment in addition to the materials found around the site. 

Some of the mark responses captured in the photographs are obvious and clear to see, others more elusive, taking time to locate. I like the way this makes the viewer pause, observe and consider the works, take in and contemplate the site. 

The collection is entitled Marks of Reverence, which encompasses my awe for these makers from the past and the skill and dedication they brought to their engagement with the site.

The work will be shown as part of Dulwich Artists Open House in May, 2024, at St Luke’s Church, Dulwich, London.

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