Appeal for volunteers to help open the trenches

Removing the tyres from Trench T. (ORCA)

Removing the tyres from Trench T. (ORCA)

With just a week to go until we’re back on site, we’re looking for some hardy volunteers to help us open up the trenches.

So if you would like to get up very close to the archaeology we’re needing extra pairs of hands to assist with the removal of the winter covers on Monday, July 4 and Tuesday, July 5, 2022. Shifting hundreds of tyres and sandbags is hard work but very rewarding. We suggest, however, that anyone interested look out old clothes, strong footwear and waterproofs.

So if you’re in Orkney, can spare a few hours – or a couple of days – and don’t mind getting a bit muddy, contact

Please note: Although we’re back on site from Monday, July 4, the excavation is not open to the public until Wednesday, July 6.

Trench P Tyres (Sigurd Towrie)

The protective covers and tyres overlying the archaeology in Trench P.

There's quite a few tyres to shift...

There’s quite a few tyres to shift…

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