An appeal for help – can you help us raise £25,000?

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On July 2, 2018, the dig team will return to the Ness of Brodgar to begin this year’s eight-week excavation, after ten months of careful planning and research.

As ever, we hope we’ll be supported by many visitors to the site, who donate money, Sponsor a Square of the site, or buy our guidebook from the Orkney Archaeology Society shop.

We’re grateful for every penny, and every penny is used to further the work of the Ness’s archaeology.

Our main funding source is you.

We have some grant support from various bodies (and very grateful we are to them all) but the vast majority of our money comes through your generosity.

You let us continue with this ground-breaking research which is truly changing our perceptions of the Neolithic period of 5,000 years ago.

For 2018, we need your support even more as we progress further into the site – our plans for 2018 include further exploration of the unique structure(s) in Trench T, a slight extension to Trench J to understand the early Neolithic building there, and to open a small trial trench to explore the tantalising aerial hint of the surrounding wall to the Ness, continuing on the Stenness Loch side.

And, we will continue the painstaking exploration of Trench P and its astonishing structures.

We also are working more and more on all of the materials ,the finds and samples previously excavated from the Ness of Brodgar as we build up our post-excavation work – our recent newsletter gives an insight into some of what’s being done, and lots more besides.

To allow us to do this, we‘re asking you to raise £25,000

We have to hire scaffolding, portacabins, supervisors and deputy supervisors, specialists, tour guides and transport; we need to purchase supplies – boxes, bags, stationery, safety equipment, tools, and then fund the post-excavation work, writing reports, processing finds and samples, creating our GIS system and undertaking the scientific and academic analysis which allows us to understand  fully what we are excavating.

Every donation will help, no matter how small (but the bigger the better!) and will allow us to undertake even more research into this amazing archaeological site.

You can also post us a UK cheque to: 

Ness of Brodgar Trust
KW16 3JZ

Thank you all in advance for your continued support.


Click here to donate to the 2018 Ness of Brodgar Crowdfunder

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