Video: Rock art in the Holm of Papa Westray South

The fifth, and final, UHI Archaeology Institute’s Tombs of the Isles recorded talk, again featuring Dr Antonia Thomas, the Ness project’s Neolithic art specialist.

In Rock art in the Holm of Papa Westray South, Antonia looks at the Neolithic decoration in the chambered cairn.

Marking were first recorded in the chamber in 1849, with Antonia identifying 34 areas of possible marking in her 2018 survey. The majority were were created by pecking or grinding.

For anyone interested in reading more, Antonia’s book is available to download here.

Funded by the North Isles Landscape Partnership (NILPS), the Tombs of the Isles project has documented the known, and suspected, chambered cairns in Orkney’s North Isles – and further investigated some.

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