Ness time capsule arrives on site

Jim at work on the Ness time capsule in his workshop.  (📷 Jim Middlemas)
The Ness time capsule taking shape in Jim Middlemas’ workshop. (📷 Jim Middlemas)

In time-honoured, archaeological tradition, we will bury a time capsule during the infilling of the trenches at the end of the season.

Jim Middlemas has been hard at work creating the decorated, lead vessel – which, fittingly, pays homage to our humble excavation buckets – and the finished item is now on site ready to be filled.

Along with objects reflecting events since the Ness complex was discovered in 2003, we’re inviting visitors to include their own personal message.

We’re asking for a donation of £2 to cover costs, and raise funds, and you choose a Ness postcar to write your message for future generations exploring the Ness.

All the items will be placed in a sealed box and left on site, its location carefully recorded in the excavation records.

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