Link: Call for archaeologists to unite in Stonehenge debate

Stonehenge. (📷 Shitha Valsan, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons.)

Over a thousand archaeologists have signed an open letter urging the sector to unite and take its “rightful lead” in the Stonehenge tunnel debate.

The Department for Transport approved plans to build a £1.7bn two-mile-long tunnel near the monument in July.

This decision was met with mixed feelings, with campaigners fearing the impact the plans would have on the World Heritage Site. But according to the open letter, archaeology professionals have been “overwhelmingly absent from the discourse”.

It states: “While a number of public figures have shared their views on the project, many of the individual archaeologists and heritage specialists who are best-informed on the subject are unable to comment due to factors, which include their professional obligations. Meanwhile, many major organisations representing UK archaeology have distanced themselves from the heart of this politicised and polarised debate.”

The letter adds: “With the 80th anniversary of the Council for British Archaeology coming in 2024, this is the perfect time for the heritage sector to unite in working towards a future where archaeology is valued and well-resourced. A powerful, evidence based, voice re-framing the Stonehenge debate is urgently needed. We can all be that voice.”

To view the full open letter, click here.

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