From the archives (2016) – Zoom in and get up close to Trench P and X

In 2016, we posted an aerial image created by Professor Scott Pike, of Willamette University, using his drone flying above Trench P. Taking a series of individual aerial shots, Scott compiled them into one large image, showing, in detail, the entirety of Trench P, including Trench X – the long, …

The Summer Wind – Ness excavation 2013

The 2018 excavation season was blessed with nearly two months of uninterrupted sunshine and fair weather.

How easy it is to forget how bad conditions can be on site – as this video, by Joanne Bourne, from 2013 shows…

Trench J in 3D

An updated model of Trench J – containing Structure Five and a section of the “Great Wall of Brodgar” – created by supervisor Paul at the end of this season’s excavation. To view an earlier model of the site, click here.