‘Wolf and Owl’ book helps boost Ness funds

Wolf and Owl remember coverA new chidren’s book by US author Antoinette Sarcinella is benefiting the ongoing Ness fundraising campaign.

Wolf and Owl Remember takes the reader through a full life circle journey of Native American Kumi, from his boyhood as a Lakota boy through adulthood, to old age – a journey that brings life and meaning to myths and legends of long ago.

Antoinette, from Arizona, volunteered in the Ness of Brodgar finds hut after meeting site director Nick Card during a lecture tour of the USA in 2017. A portion of the proceeds from her book sales is now being donated to the Ness excavation fund.

Printed copies of the book can be ordered here, and it is also available as an ebook, from the usual sources, in both Kindle and epub format.

Our thanks to Toni for her support of the Ness.

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