The Ness of Brodgar at the centre of ‘Britain’s Ancient Capital’

Neil Oliver at the Standing Stones of Stenness. (BBC)

The Ness of Brodgar is the focus of a new BBC mini-series, the first episode of which was broadcast tonight, Monday.

Britain’s Ancient Capital: Secrets of Orkney sees presenters Andy Torbet, Chris Packham, Neil Oliver and Dr Shini Somara investigate different aspects of Orkney, in a quest to unlock the county’s archaeological secrets.

The programme came about as a result of recent discoveries which, the programme makers say, are turning the Stone Age map of Britain upside down.

The first in the three-part series saw Chris Packham uncover the secrets revealed by the DNA of Orkney’s unique vole, Neil Oliver explore Orkney’s tombs and monuments, Dr Shini Somara discover how the Orcadians could have moved giant blocks of stone over rough ground, and archaeological adventurer Andy Torbet climb one of Orkney’s most challenging sea-stacks to unlock the story of the county’s geology.

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