New stock of woodturned bowls and ebony spatulae added to online shop

Stone spatulate tools from the Ness of Brodgar.  (📷 Gary Lloyd)
Stone spatulate tools from the Ness of Brodgar. (📷 Gary Lloyd)

Michael Sinclair has done the Ness proud in the past with his beautiful wood-turned bowls, which you’ve snapped up bringing income to the Ness. 

This year we have collaborated on something quite new as a result of Michael’s fascination with the amazing stone spatulate tools found uniquely at the Ness of Brodgar (pictured above).

These are high on our list of further post-excavation analysis to see if we can establish what their purpose may have been.

Although we only have worked-stone examples,  researcher Gary Lloyd has suggested that they were perhaps also of wood or bone. These – if they survive anywhere – would be a star find for any archaeologist.

We launched the new ebony spatulae and spatula-and-bowl sets last Friday, but they sold out in record time.

We have new stock of the bowls and spatulae in the online shop – three of the bowl-and-spatula set and four spatulas on their own.

The ebony is a piece imported for making guitar fretboards but which didn’t make the grade. Their loss is our gain. It’s a stunning wood and exactly special enough to take inspiration from these stunning Neolithic treasures. 

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