Get back to the Stone Age on Sunday

Chris Gee shows the crowd how stone was decorated and pigments created.
Chris Gee shows the crowd at one of last year’s open days how stone was decorated and pigments created.

As you may have noticed, there’s no dig diary today. That’s because the diggers had a day off, in preparation for Sunday’s open day – the first of two this season – when all hands will be on deck, from 11am until 4pm.

Activities at the Ness excavation site include:

  • Dry-stone walling by Kevin Critchlow.
  • Food & Fire by Mike & Claire Copper and team.
  • Rocks and colour by Chris Gee & Mai Walker.
  • Working with wood by Michael Sinclair.
  • The new Ness of Brodgar jewellery range from Ola Gorie.
  • Big raffle with the main prize of a pendant from the Ola Gorie new jewellery range.
  • Orkney Archaeology Society shop.
  • Guides and finds.
  • Knot work.

Activities at the Stenness School include:

  • Stone in all its glory with Mark Edmonds.
  • Animal bone with Jen Harland, including “Invent an animal”.
  • Willow work.
  • Stone felting.
  • Neolithic tattoos by Jeanne Rose.
  • Shell jewellery extravaganza for all ages!
  • Community cafe.

For those who can’t make it on Sunday, this year’s second open day will take place on August 21.