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The discovery of the Ness of Brodgar
The Ness of Brodgar excavation
(Sigurd Towrie)

A more detailed look at Structure Twelve

Working through the website a few weeks ago, it became clear that the information on Structure Twelve was sorely lacking! The building, possibly once one of the most stunning on site – and certainly one of the most complicated to excavate, deserved more a more detailed account.… Continue reading
An image of the latest Ness of Brodgar fingerprints captured using Reflectance Transformation Imaging. (Jan Blatchford)

Latest prehistoric fingerprints from the Ness belonged to 13-year-old boy

The latest prehistoric fingerprints on a pottery fragment from the Ness of Brodgar belonged to a 13-year-old boy. Previous 5,000-year-old prints from the Neolithic complex in Orkney were identified as belonging to both adolescent and adult males and the two new examples may be another indication of young potters being taught by more experienced individuals.… Continue reading