The Ness in Print

Art and Architecture in Neolithic OrkneyThere’s a brilliant book by our very own Dr. Antonia Thomas PhD, a long-standing member of the Ness dig team and an acknowledged expert on Neolithic art.

Art and Architecture is Neolithic Orkney: Process, Temporality and Context is lavishly illustrated, with many photographs of some of the carved stones from the Ness of Brodgar. The book can be bought online here.

There was a really good piece all about the Ness in the 24th July 2016 issue of The Guardian newspaper, which is well worth a read.

Another very good article on the Ness was published in The Observer newspaper on the 24th July 2016. Also worth checking out is the Ness of Brodgar entry on Canmore, the RCAHMS website.

The Ness also features in the latest edition of Renfrew & Bahn’s Archaeology  – the standard text book for undergraduates everywhere but a really useful book for all.


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