The Ness of Brodgar excavation site — in three dimensions

Regular readers of the excavation diary will have seen the references to Dr Hugo Anderson-Whymark taking photographs to allow the creation of a 3d model of Trench P.

Over 600 photographs later, and hundred of hours of computer processing time, Hugo has now finished work on a series of absolutely stunning, and detailed, reproductions of the site.

The main model of Trench P is above, but for others, including Trench T and closer views of Structures Ten, Twelve and One, click here.

Dig Diary Extra – Sunday, July 19, 2015

The excavation of Structure Twelve

A short video compiled from pictures showing the various stages of the excavation of Structure Twelve. A stunning building when first constructed — utilising carved and dressed stone — excavation over the years has shown that a problem with its foundations meant it required some fairly extensive renovations.

Later building work, which was nowhere near the quality of the original, included the incorporation of an annexe to the north.

3D model of Structure Fourteen

A 3d model of Structure Fourteen, created by Hugo Andersen-Whymark, as it appeared in 2012.