Meet the Team 2017

Christine Fuchs-Khakhar

I am a German Londoner and after completing my MA in archaeology with a dissertation about daily life in Neolithic Çatalhöyük, I am now embarking on a PhD on India’s prehistoric Harappan culture.

I marvel how people adapt their lives to different environments and wonder what traces human activities leave in this world. And there is no better way than to study archaeology to discover how the good folks of Skara Brae entered their homes, how the Pompeiians paved their streets, how households changed in stone-age Anatolia.

Or to dig up people’s back yards, fields and hilltops to find out about life in medieval Tuscany, ancient Greek Olynthos or Neolithic Ness of Brodgar…

Samantha Brummage

I’m Samantha Brummage and this will be my first time excavating in Orkney, although I visited three years ago and was very excited by the ongoing discoveries at Ness of Brodgar and the Links of Noltland, as well as by the vast extent of prehistoric archaeology visible on the islands.

I recently graduated from Birkbeck College, University of London with an MA in Archaeological Practice and I will be returning to study there this Autumn with a PhD scholarship profiling prehistoric practice and movement in the Thames valley.

My diverse archaeological practice to date includes excavations at Hogarth’s studio and a medieval moated manor in West London, Bronze Age roundhouses at Must Farm, Cambridgeshire, and the recent cleaning and recording of a WW1 submarine chaser found languishing forgotten in a Thames Ait boatyard!

However, since my real passion and academic interest is in Neolithic archaeology where better to come to work but the Ness in Orkney!

Amy Thacker

I am halfway through a two year MA in Cultural Heritage and Resource Management at Winchester University. I have a BA Hons in Psychology, I work part time in a doctor’s surgery and play my flute.

I was captivated by Skara Brae which led me to want to find out more about Orkney and the Ness of Brodgar excavations.

My main interest is how archaeological sites are managed and how finds are catalogued and archived etc. I have very little hands on experience but am very excited to learn on the job!

It will be my first year in Orkney and I am very excited to be part of this special team!

Kathanne Greene

I am an American college professor who came to Orkney to see Skara Brae and ended up falling in love with her Neolithic monuments, tombs and landscape.

When I told my tour guide that I was going to work at the Ness, she laughed and said they have a thousand volunteers each year. I applied anyway and for some unknown reason was chosen to help Anne in Finds.

In my real life, I earned a Ph.D. in Political Science from the University of Utah (1988) and since 1989 have taught at the University of Southern Mississippi in Hattiesburg, Mississippi, USA.

In my spare time I ride my bike, write poetry and now study archaeology. I have read everything I can find on Neolithic Orkney, audited an archaeological methods class at USM, and applied to the M.Litt. Archaeological Studies program at UHI Orkney.

And no, I will not discuss politics with you while at the Ness.

Kaila Shephard

My name is Kaila and I am currently studying Archaeology and Scottish Cultural Studies.

I have always loved Archaeology and History as well as literature, so studying this now and in Orkney of all places has been very enjoyable.

I’ll be the person on site with the blue, purple and pink hair and the Doctor Who jumper and Harry Potter jewellery (if only we had a TARDIS on hand).

Elizabeth Boag

My name is Elizabeth Boag and I’m an Australian archaeology student.

I’m currently completing my Master of Professional Archaeology at La Trobe University in Melbourne. I’ve been working as a field archaeologist/heritage consultant in Aboriginal archaeology and heritage in Melbourne for the last year.

This will be my first excavation season at the Ness of Brodgar, and I’m very excited to be a part of the Masters archaeological field school.

I feel very privileged to have the opportunity to work on this world famous site.

Sandra Claggett

I will be graduating with a BA in History and Archaeology at Birkbeck this year and then embarking on an MA in Archaeology.

I have returned to Archaeology something that I have always loved after working in various careers including sales and procurement in the MOD and Parliament, don’t mention politics.

I have excavated in various places, and time periods over the years from Prehistory to the Medieval including the Romans, sorry! And sites such as Must Farm, Vanguard cave and the Bronze age site of Dhaskalio in the UK, Gibraltar and Greece. I have a special love of prehistoric rock art and it’s preservation and recording at places such as Tanum in Sweden.

I am so pleased to be excavating at the Ness of Brodgar as it combines my love of Orkney –  I have been many times and my love of its amazing prehistory.

I know that I will learn a lot and it is wonderful to be a part of the team.

Sarah Crabb

Hi everyone! I am an undergraduate at Willamette University majoring in Art History and Archaeology and minoring in Medieval Studies and Classical Studies.

This will be my second year working at the Ness of Brodgar and I will be completing my thesis work which is currently planned to focus on coastal mapping at the site.

I spent last summer working on architectural restoration, mosaic restoration, and osteology throughout Italy.

I recently received my scuba certification and before heading to the Ness I will be working at the Marzamemi Maritime Heritage Project site in Sicily.

After I finish my undergraduate degree, I hope to attend graduate school for architectural restoration.

I am so excited to be heading back to Orkney to excavate, celebrate Shopping Week, hang out with a great group of people, and “enjoy” the Orkney weather for a second summer 🙂

José Schreurs

I am working as advisor archaeology at the Cultural Heritage Agency of the Netherlands. Many projects I am involved in are about listed monuments: giving permits, but also monitoring and listing new sites.

Furthermore, I advise on archaeological research plans for major infrastructure and nature reserve etc.

Although I have never been working as a field archaeologist, I worked at excavations almost every year since my graduation as prehistoric archaeologist, mainly in the Netherlands. My specialisation is stone age archaeology, especially flint analyses.

It will be my second dig in the UK. After the causewayed enclosure in the 80’s at Etton, this will be  again on a top site! I’m looking forward being part of the Ness 2017 team.

James Bright

Hi, I’m Jim, I am currently undertaking my placement for an MSc in Archaeological Practice at UHI.

I have a keen interest in digital archaeology and have the privilege of working at the Ness of Brodgar, creating 3D models of finds and structures while experimenting with the latest techniques and technology.

I last worked at the Ness of Brodgar in 2013 for my undergraduate excavation skills module, and am delighted to return, this time wearing my digital hat.