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We reach out far and wide about the work at the Ness of Brodgar, for all ages and levels of interest: Orkney schools are site visitors; there is an Excavation Club for 12-16 year olds on-site annually; we welcome UHI Archaeology field - school students every year; Willamette University, Oregon brings a field-school to the Ness every year; students from across the world join us on-site, just to be able to say that they’ve dug at the Ness of Brodgar; hobby and professional Archaeologists world-wide have been involved.

Site director Nick Card & school bairns Martha and Mark recording the stone in the inner wall of structure 12

Increasingly students are carrying out research into what’s emerging from the Ness: pot, bone, archaeobotany and archaeozoology amongst much else. Martha Johnson’s (left, drawing a wall) doctoral research into the rocks at the Ness is a major study of the geological underpinnings of Orkney’s Neolithic. That's Martha at the left working alongside Professor Mark Edmonds recording one of the walls at the Ness.

We have 2 Open Days each summer, full of explorations into how Orkney’s Neolithic folk lived and worked.

School bairn potting at the Ness of Brodgar Open Day Prehistoric cookery demonstration in replica Neolithic pots at the Ness of Brodgar Open Day

Our guide-book gives the best introduction to the Ness.  


Site Director, Nick Card, is heading to the US, on an extensive Archaeological Institute of America tour in February 20-17 – a great honour.  


He’s given many talks about the Ness of Brodgar in and out of Orkney ….. the annual Ness round-up in 2017 will be hosted by Orkney Archaeology Society, held at the Orkney Theatre at 7pm on Thurs 15 June. The video below is a 2012 talk given to Glasgow Archaeological Society.