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About Us

The excavations at the Ness of Brodgar are carried out by ORCA, the Orkney Research Centre for Archaeology, part of the UHI Archaeology Institute, University of the Highlands & Islands, at Orkney College  


The Ness of Brodgar Trust supports all the work of the Ness, to keep excavation and all the related research and post excavation work, going. The Trust is a Registered Scottish Charity, no. SC044890.


The Ness is also greatly supported by volunteers who dig and do all sorts of post excavation work. We would not function as we do without you all.


Orkney Archaeology Society  hosts the Ness annual talk in Orkney and the dig shop during the excavation season, plus much else.


Orkneyjar is the host of our Dig Diary, an exciting day by day account of excavation progress from season 2007 right to the end of 2016. Wonderful images too.


The American Friends of the Ness of Brodgar is a US tax-exempt charity, fundraises for the Ness and spreads the word about the Ness in the US.

Oblique view  of the main Ness of Brodgar dig trench